Individual Therapy and
Group Therapy

Professional Counselor Associate
Supervised by: Tara Sanderson, PsyD, MBA

I help people (primarily adults but occasionally younger) across the lifespan who are navigating life’s inevitable transitions—expected, unexpected, and everything in between—function as the best version of themselves.

A little about me. 

I believe we’re all authors of our own individual life stories, and that we are sometimes challenged in making sense of all of the words, chapters, and characters in those stories.

Whether you’re just starting out and trying to find your footing in this great big world of ours, if you’ve lived a long life and are trying to make sense of what’s behind and what’s ahead, or if you’re somewhere in between, I’m here to walk alongside you, accept you for who you are and where you’re at, and help you make meaning, strengthen connections and resources, and find direction on your path. My intention is always to listen with respect, patience, and curiosity to understand each client as completely as possible from their perspective, helping them access the tools they need to be their most authentic versions of themselves.

My counseling approach is primarily grounded in humanistic and constructivist traditions, weaving in mindful, acceptance-based, narrative, and other creative elements, as well. I consider myself intentionally integrative. I aim to keep a social justice-oriented, culturally compassionate focused lens, taking an individualized approach to each client. My style is warm, collaborative, and relational. You can expect dashes of humor and play sprinkled in, as well!

I received a Master of Arts degree in Professional Mental Health Counseling at Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling, a Master of Arts degree in Teaching from Simmons College, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology/Anthropology and German Studies from Lewis & Clark College. I am currently a registered Professional Counselor Associate in the state of Oregon and am under the supervision of Dr. Tara Sanderson, PsyD, MBA.

Prior to my counseling career, I enjoyed a long and varied career in teaching. I’ve worked with people of all ages and a wide range of backgrounds, identities, and cultures in a variety of settings. The closest thing I have to a superpower is my ability to connect with people despite (and maybe also because of) our differences, see people for who they are, and help them reach their goals and potential. I’ve worked with children and adults with many marginalized identities, such as undocumented migrant workers and their children, students with special needs and their parents, indigenous communities, LGBTQ+ folx, and hospice patients and their families. I am especially interested in helping vulnerable populations access the help they deserve.

When I’m not counseling, I enjoy spending time singing, writing, traveling, laughing, reading, reflecting, and being active in nature with my family and friends.

Professional Disclosure Statement

Payments and Fees for Service

Individual Therapy
(in person or online)

$125 a session

Insurance Accepted via Supervisory Billing:
Health Advocate EAP,
Canopy EAP

Group Therapy
(in person or online)

$50 per session

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11845 SW Greenburg Road, Suite 210
Tigard, OR 97223, US

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