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Psychological Assessment and Evaluations

We provide several types of Psychological Assessments and Evaluations at the practice. Each Assessment starts with understanding the question you would like answered. For some people it is diagnostic clarification - Do I really have ADHD? Or Bi-Polar? For some people it is focused more on how to I learn to function as an Autistic Adult? The first session always starts with an understanding of what you want to learn about your self and then we create a series of assessments to find the answers you are looking for. 

We are currently closed to new Assessment clients right now. 

Most assessments are available via Telehealth!

During this season of caution we respect your health and want to make sure we are providing a safe environment for your growth. We have all been trained on how to provide Telehealth (Video Therapy) with clients from the safety of their own home.
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What types of Assessments do we do? 

We use cognitive assessments, personality assessments, executive functioning assessments as well as history gathering and self-report measures to assist us in all our diagnostic evaluations.
We do not provide neuropsychological evaluations. 

Diagnostic Clarification

Adult ADHD

Adult Autism Spectrum

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can it take to do an assessment? 

Assessment time can vary depending on how many tests we are administering. We will know for sure how long things will take after we do our first session. We usually share that there will likely be at least 3 sessions together over a few weeks to complete all the tests and give you feedback. 

What can I expect during the tests? 

The first session is all about gathering information on what you would like to understand about yourself or what question you want answered. 
The assessments vary between true and false tests, rating scales, intelligence tests and personality assessments depending on what you are hoping to find out. Some tests you can take from home, some you will need to be in the office for. 

What can I do to prepare for the assessment?

Getting ready for the assessments really just involves a few things. You will want to get a good night sleep (as good as you can!) Make sure you have eaten that day and bring some water if your session is going to be on the longer side. We know it can be intimidating to take these assessments, so we will try to make you comfortable and give you breaks as we can. 

What is it like working with a doctoral student intern for the assessments? 

Doctoral Students have 3 (or more) years of training under their belt already. So they are skilled in a lot of areas before they join the practice. They are dedicating this year to learning how to be the best therapist they can be, (including doing these assessments and evaluations) so they are going to have time to make sure they are using the best techniques and tools for you.
Additionally, they are under supervision from multiple professionals in the field - so you are getting more support.

What types of assessments and evaluations do you do?

Right now we are dedicating time to Diagnostic Clarification Evaluations, Adult ADHD Evaluations, and Adult Autism Spectrum Evaluations. We are hoping to add more evaluations in the future. If you are curious if we can help you with your assessment and evaluation needs - please reach out and ask! 

Are there assessments and evaluations you don't do? 

Yes! Quite a few actually! We are increasing our assessments and evaluations options often, but we do not have the ability to do Neuropsychological Assessment or Evaluation, Emotional Support Animal Assessment or Evaluations, or provide any court required parenting assessment or evaluation. 

Can I use my insurance?

Not at this time. We hope to be able to offer insurance billing in the future. We do price our assessments and evaluations at a low cost to try to make them as affordable as we can so that finances aren't a barrier to getting the answers you need. 
Our Doctoral Intern is able to provide assessment and evaluation for $50.00 per session (some scholarships are available)

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