Teen Anxiety Group

Helping teens go from feeling
worried and alone
to feeling
connected and confident.

Teen anxiety can look like:

* isolating away from friends and family
* struggling to get things done that used to be  
* fearing that they are not perfect,
* difficulty expressing emotions in words

We help your teen gain confidence!

Our teen Anxiety Group helps your teen:

* reconnect with who they are through creativity and self-expression
* learn to cope with daily stress and anxiety
* be more satisfied in their life

We help teens learn the skills needed to manage anxiety and build confidence in who they are.

We can help your teen

Be themselves again.

In-Person Art Therapy Group

- Teens are welcome to wear a mask if preferred
- Each youth will receive a brand new teen kit (journal, pen, craft supplies)

About the Therapist: Maggie MacLean believes that making art helps humans heal, and that you don't need to be "artsy" to make art! Maggie is dedicated to helping teens and adults learn to safely process emotions and explore their identities. In her free time, Maggie enjoys being outside with her pets, making messy art, and listening to science podcasts.

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$25.00 per session

No insurance accepted at this time. 


To be determined 


11845 SW Greenburg Road, Suite 210
Tigard, OR 97223, US

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Providing mental health services for individuals and groups in Tigard, Oregon.

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