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Post-Doctoral Residency Position

Dr. Sanderson and Associates is excited to announce their inaugural Post-Doc Residency position. We are excited to share that our training program is more than just getting you toward licensure... we are helping you set the foundation for an incredible career. In addition to our training structure, you will get the opportunity to develop your interests and gain new skills. 

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Post-Doctoral Residency Information

Specific Requirements:
Any applicant who wishes to be considered for placement as a postdoctoral resident must have completed (or is projected to complete) all requirements for the Doctoral Degree in Clinical or Counseling Psychology.

Additionally, the individual must have attended an APA accredited doctoral psychology program or are in the process of completing a program from an accredited institution of higher education. Preference will be given to individuals who are in the process of completing an APA accredited internship or an internship listed on the approved APPIC list. 

Residents are expected to form a formal psychologist resident supervision contract with the Oregon Board of Psychology found here: 


The goal of the post-doctoral residency is to teach residents to become an effective, ethical psychologist. During the residency Residents will learn to assess, conceptualize, and treat individuals and families who suffer from anxiety conditions, anxiety related conditions, OC spectrum disorders, depressive disorders, other related conditions, and behavioral disorders using evidence-based methods.

Additionally, residents will learn how to supervise masters and doctoral students using a behavioral orientation-specific model of clinical supervision.


The following objectives will be focused on during the residency:
* To gain an understanding and application of psychological assessment using evidence-based symptom measures and clinical interviewing to develop a cogent conceptualization and treatment plan. Develop a skill set associated with the application of evidence-based psychotherapies and supervision of such psychotherapies as it relates to the presenting patient population.

* To gain competence in a sub-specialty of assessment, supervision or clinical treatment of specialized patient populations a formal plan will be developed with a supervisor.


Each post-doctoral resident will receive a minimum of two hours per week of individual supervision. Residents are also encouraged to receive additional supervision/consultation from other licensed staff onsite. Supervision will take the form of case conceptualization, development of clinical skills, learning how to navigate managed care authorizations, and developing a professional identity. Supervisors will provide a written evaluation of the resident’s performance as well as verbal feedback on performance. Written feedback will be provided twice a year.


Each post-doctoral resident will be included in a weekly didactic training, a monthly case conceptualization, additional support and training around assessment and applied interventions training. 

Post-Doctoral Residency Application Process

Complete the application through Google Forms by clicking the link below: 

In addition to your basic information You will need: 
* Two Letters of Reference from Clinical Supervisors
* Letter From your Internship Training Director Describing your Status in Completing your Clinical Internship Training
* CV
* Letter from your School or Dissertation Chair Describing the Status of your Dissertation
* Copy of your Graduate Transcript

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