Applied Interventions

Helping therapists grow their intervention skills is one of my favorite activities!

Learning new interventions that are tailored to your client's needs can help make a tremendous difference in your client's growth in treatment.

How does it work?
We will do a brief consultation defining the goals of what you are wanting to work on, how long you want to work together and set guidelines to protect client information. Each consultation session after that we will either go client by client or intervention by intervention.

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Clinicians that have worked with me on Applied Interventions have said:

Working with Tara one on one gave me such insight into how people can make lasting change in their lives.

Student Intern

They taught us a lot in school... but I learned more specific interventions that helped my client in 1 session with Tara than I can remember in a semester!

Registered Intern

I am always learning and growing. Taking time with Dr. Sanderson to think through strategic interventions helped me to have accountability in my growth as a Psychologist.

Licensed Psychologist

Ready to make a difference in your clients lives?

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