Individual and Group Therapy

Angela Gimeno, BA
George Fox University
Student Intern

You feel frustrated or left out. Maybe you are struggling with getting out of bed or getting things done within your day. You feel a lack of motivation, and wish things were just easier.

There is a way to feel better.

Angela Gimeno, Masters level intern, individual and group therapy

Your story matters.

I will listen with empathy, validating your experiences in life helping you realize who you truly are.

My approach to therapy is simply creating an atmosphere where you feel comfortable, knowing that sharing with a stranger is vulnerable and scary! With compassion and understanding together we will unpack how your story, beliefs, and thoughts have shaped who you are in order to get you out of that stuck place. I believe that people are complex and dynamic. Made up of all sorts of emotions, relationships, thoughts, and behaviors. Exploring these elements can give us insight into your internal world and process bringing self-awareness into the picture. You will leave with actual tools and techniques to create positive change in your life.

On a personal note, I love taking my dog Harvey for very slow hikes and walks (he sniffs A LOT). I really enjoy eating at Shalom Y’all and I love trying out new restaurants, especially brunch on the weekends! I really enjoy camping as well, it's such a great way to enjoy the outdoors and explore the beauty of Oregon!

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Payment and Fees for Service

Individual Counseling /
Online Therapy

$35 a session
Scholarships Available

Group Counseling /
Online Therapy

$20 a session
Scholarships available

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