Adults with ADHD

Helping Adults with ADHD go from feeling pressured and frustrated to feeling confident and focused.

This group can help adults that are: 

- Struggling with procrastination or perfectionism
- Feeling like they are distracted and disorganized
- Feeling like they are not good enough
- Not finding a structure that works for them

Our ADHD group helps Adults:

- Improve Self-Confidence
- Reconnect with their ideals and values
- Learn skills to manage procrastination
- Learn how to get things done in a way that works for them

We help adults learn the skills needed to feel confident in who they are and make gains toward their best life. 

Physically Distant In-Person Group

Precautions for when we meet in person:
- Small group (no more than 6 group  members - 2 leaders)
- Indoor location following OHA guidelines
with 6 feet between each person
- Group members will wear masks
- Each member will receive a brand new kit (Journal, pen)

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To be determined!


$50.00 per session

Some Scholarships available


11845 SW Greenburg Road, Suite 210
Tigard, OR 97223, US

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